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My career in the financial services industry began in 1994 with Merrill Lynch. I often reflect on my seven years there and the importance of that initial training. Throughout those years I was introduced to unique money management and lending strategies that built a strong base for my current investment philosophies. In 2001, I joined First Union Securities which subsequently became Wachovia Securities. There, I focused on adopting those strategies I felt were most advantageous to achieving the goals set by my clients and incorporated them into developing portfolios that focused on risk based management utilizing: equity trading, option strategies, alternative investments and lending services.


In 2009, Our team joined Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and formed the Cotto & Padovani Wealth Strategies Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Most recently at the close of 2012, I decided to part ways with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and focus on what I felt was most important to servicing the needs of my clients.


I take the time to understand my clients' issues, challenges, goals and dreams. With all of that input, I develop comprehensive financial strategies that help my clients meet their goals. When necessary, I call on a team of specialists in a wide range of financial and protection disciplines to help determine the right course of action. I also collaborate with my client's legal and tax advisors to help assure that we are taking a comprehensive approach to their wealth management and legacy planning needs.


I am a firm believer in technical analysis and measuring a portfolio's return based upon the risk that portfolio is taking. As a Fiduciary of my clients assets, I feel that all of my clients must know and understand the risks associated with their portfolios. This helps everyone involved in understanding how your assets should perform during different cycles of the market. It also helps in my clients ability to make less emotional decisions and more intelligent decisions.

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